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Magnesium oxide
Magnesium oxide
Magnesium oxide

GRECIAN MAGNESITE is placing special emphasis on research and development of high added value products as well as on the marketing of such products. In line with the above the company’s Research Center at Vassilika. Thessaloniki, was commissioned in early 1993 having an area of some 500 sqm.

It is a modern, fully equipped R&D facility, staffed with high calibre personnel. This Research Center mainly targets at serving a fourfold pro-active purpose:

  • Development of new products for new and existing applications
  • Carrying out applied research to continuously improve final products characteristics and application know-how
  • Technical support to production (quality and new products)
  • Offering specialized technical support and after sales service to the customers

The R&D supports the company to meet the technological challenges of the sector and contributes significantly to the success of the company’s development policy and optimal exploitation of natural resources by careful identification and study of all ore characteristics in relation to product and production technology developments.

The R&D has participated with success in a variety of national, EU and self-funded research programs taking full advantage of the unique characteristics (i.e. microcrystalline structure, low iron and special CaO/SiO2 ratio) of the company’s own mineral deposits.  Some example research areas are:

  • ESPA 2007-2013/1477-BET-2013: Development building materials with reduced environmental footprint.
  • ESPA 2007-2013/1084-BET-2013: Environmental applications of magnesia and utilization of by-products.
  • MgO grades for Sorel and other Magnesia cement applications,
  • Unique property and world-wide breakthrough MgO for tanning applications,
  • Special environmentally friendly monolithic refractories based on Dead-Burnt MgO,
  • Unique low iron MgO grades for electrical applications,
  • Special Dead-Bunt grades for welding fluxes,
  • Special magnesium carbonate grades for ceramic applications,
  • Beneficiation of mining waste for the production of specialized products,
  • High purity natural MgO for high-end applications such as Mg compounds, catalysts and polymers.

Finally, another important task of the R&D is the follow-up of European Regulations related to the company’s activities (e.g. EU-ETS, BREFs/IED, REACH).

To meet the above challenges, the R&D’s main facilities include infrastructure and modern equipment for the evaluation of mineralogical, microstructure and physicochemical properties using European and International standards such as EN, ASTM, ISO, PRE and OSHA. The evaluated properties include: 

  • X-RD mineralogical phases
  • Microstructure: a) mineralogical phases distribution, b)crystal size, c) porosity
  • Bulk density and porosity of granular products
  • Powders’ grain size distribution
  • TG-DT Analysis
  • Reactivity: a) acids reactivity, b) SSA, c) reactivity curves
  • Monolithic refractories: a) firing, b) density, porosity, c) CCS, flexural strength
  • Magnesia cements: a) setting properties, b) mechanical strength
  • Measurement of crystalline silica in products and working environments
  • Characterization and evaluation of mineral fillers for polymers.

The correlation of the above properties to the performance of our products in each application assists our efforts for continuous improvement, fulfilling the requirements of our customers.