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Magnesium oxide
Magnesium oxide
Magnesium oxide

Grecian Magnesite S.A has become a major player in the Magnesia industry thanks to a dynamic acquisitions policy and sustainable organic growth efforts. 

Ownership of extensive Magnesite reserves, constant optimization of industrial facilities, in-depth knowledge of our customers’ manufacturing processes and products, and skilled, experienced people in our business, are the core ingredients of our success.

We are committed into a leading role in the magnesia industry by combining internal and external growth along three lines: strengthening our market leadership, increasing our presence in emerging countries with higher growth, and play an active role in the sector’s consolidation. The vast diversity of our magnesia products serve to lower our risk profile and boost our innovation capabilities. 

During the last decade, Grecian Magnesite has been investing almost 30 million € in internal development projects to improve the efficiency of the industrial process, increase production capacities to meet demand, extend the lifespan of the mine (continuous exploration campaigns, utilization of the old fine Run of Mine -ROM-  stockpiles, reuse of by-products). 

Over the same period, the company has completed various external growth acquisitions. New entities quickly add value through the mobilization of internal skills to operate reserves, process minerals and develop applications.

Further significant investment plans are already under evaluation as a result of our ongoing strategy and commitment for continuous excellence, efficiency and growth.